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The purpose of this memo is to acquaint our customers with the procedures, which will be in effect at Hanover Shoe Farms, Inc., Hanover, PA, for the 2023 breeding season.

Breeding Days

Our breeding season will begin February 15, 2023 and will continue through July 7, 2023, stallions will be collected on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.


  • We will not accept Saturday semen orders for mares that were bred on Friday
  • Although breeding one time per heat cycle is preferred, mares will be bred two times per heat cycle. However, our ability to service mares for the third time on the same heat cycle will be determined by how many other mares are booked to the particular stallion that day. Mares being bred for the first or second time have preference over those being bred for a third time.

For all stallions – Please call before 5pm (Eastern Time) the day before collection or by 7am on collection days. If calling after office hours,mare will be on the breed list unless you call to cancel by 7am.**To breed a mare on Saturday, you must call us Friday by 3pm to put her on Saturday’s list. **We will not call back to confirm mares on the list.**

Call in times will be STRICTLY enforced and are non-negotiable.

Shipped Semen

Overnight shipment is permitted to all locations with restrictions as noted below:

  • - Shipments will be done on MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, AND FRIDAYS ONLY! (If you use Federal Express please contact them for the exact Priority delivery time in your area and the availability of Saturday deliveries.)

  • - Same day shipments are done but you are responsible for all expenses and for making all the necessary arrangements for courier pick up and air flights. The pick-up time for couriers(semen going to an airport) is 10am.

  • - A valid Federal Express or UPS account is mandatory. Transportation charges must be paid via Federal Express or UPS account number. These charges will be billed directly by the carrier. No Credit Cards!

  • - NOTE: If your mares are being boarded at a farm other than your own, please be sure that they are notified of the above schedule.

Semen Pickup (semen being picked up but not going to an airport): Pick-up time is 11am

Mares may also be bred by semen pick up. That is, a representative of the farm where the mare is located arrives at the breeding shed to pick up semen. (A suitable container should be brought when semen is picked up, or one will be provided by us at the owner’s expense). The semen is then delivered to the farm for insemination.

HANOVER SHOE FARMS, INC. CHARGES (Other charges from transient farm and overnight shipper will be incurred.)

$125.00 Pick up of semen at Hanover Shoe Farms for first two breedings per heat cycle. $200 for 3rd pick up on same heat cycle.

$175.00 Overnight shipment of semen for first two breedings per heat cycle. $250 for 3rd shipment on same heat cycle (Please be advised that we do not accept new or used containers for shipping semen, DO NOT SHIP CONTAINERS BACK TO US).

Contracts received after 3pm on Tuesday,Thursday,Friday and Sunday are considered same day contracts for the next breeding day and a $100.00 expedited contract process fee will apply

$**    **Federal Express, UPS and courier charges are extra and are billed by the individual companies, to the parties receiving the semen.

Please visit our web site for maps and directions (

Hanover Shoe Farms would like to thank you for your patronage and if you have any questions regarding the above, please feel free to call us at 717-637-8931,or e-mail