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Canadian Breeders - 2022 Breeding Season

Please note the call times for requesting shipment

Collection Day Call in times
Monday Request shipment BEFORE 4pm Friday
Wednesday Request shipment BEFORE 4pm Tuesday
Friday Request shipment BEFORE 4pm Thursday

**Mares that are not called in according to the above schedule of call in times are subject to a same day processing fee of $100.00.

*** For importation of equine semen from the United States you will need to obtain an import permit from the CFIA. ***

Information available on the Standardbred Canada website and Equine Canada website can be accessed from the links below. It is recommended that you obtain a multiple entry permit which is valid for one year. Copies of this permit or the original copy of a single entry permit will be necessary for us to ship semen for your mare.

When these permits are obtained please send, fax, or e-mail to:
Hanover Shoe Farms, Inc.
P.O.Box 339
Hanover, PA 17331-0339

(Physical address for permit should read 2310 Hanover Pike, Hanover, PA 17331)
Fax: (717) 637-6766
Contact Phone: (717) 637-8931

If we do not have these permits in our hands at the time you call in your mare for breeding we will not be able to ship semen to your farm. We are also required to ship the semen with a USDA endorsed export health certificate. If your mare is not called in by the time our courier leaves for the USDA office, we will not be able to ship you semen for that day.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please verify with Fed-ex that your account is up to date and if you pay them with a credit card, please make sure your credit card info is up to date also.

These links are provided for your additional information:
Import Permits And USDA Health Certificates Required For Equine Semen And Embryos From U.S.
New Restrictions For Equine Imports

Hanover Shoe Farm’s charges: $281.00 ($50.00 to complete the health certificate, $81.00 for endorsement of the health certificate by the USDA Veterinarian and $150.00 for semen collection/processing). Shipping fees (i.e Fed-Ex, UPS, Couriers, Airline Charges) are the responsibility of the mare owner.