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Foals Of The Week

Name Sex Gait Sire Dam Date Foaled Owner
Sayo Hanover21 M P He's Watching Sayo Hanover 5/7/2021 Hanover Shoe Farms
Strong Legacy21 M T International Moni Strong Legacy 5/7/2021 Hanover Shoe Farms, Lindy Farms of CT
JK Fine Art21 M P Captain Crunch JK Fine Art 5/6/2021 3 Brothers Stable
Luvthebeachlife21 H P Sweet Lou Luvthebeachlife 5/6/2021 Yankeeland Partners
Art Obsession21 H P Sweet Lou Art Obsession 5/6/2021 Mickey & Sylvia Burke
Good News Lady21 M P Captain Crunch Good News Lady 5/6/2021 Hanover Shoe Farms
Snow Angel Hanover21 M T Bar Hopping Snow Angel Hanover 5/6/2021 Hanover Shoe Farms
Venus Delight21 H P Stay Hungry Venus Delight 5/6/2021 Bradley Grant
Bernis Hanover21 M T Walner Bernis Hanover 5/6/2021 Hanover Shoe Farms
Won An Done21 M T Cantab Hall Won An Done 5/6/2021 Hanover Shoe Farms
Hannelore Hanover21 H T Greenshoe Hannelore Hanover 5/6/2021 Hanover Shoe Farms, Mickey & Sylvia Burke
Windsong Magic21 H T Greenshoe Windsong Magic 5/5/2021 Hanover Shoe Farms
The Godmother21 H P Bettor's Delight The Godmother 5/5/2021 Hanover Shoe Farms
Yassi Hanover21 H T International Moni Yassi Hanover 5/5/2021 Hanover Shoe Farms
Glad All Over21 H T Greenshoe Glad All Over 5/5/2021 Hanover Shoe Farms
So Perfect21 H P Captaintreacherous So Perfect 5/4/2021 Hanover Shoe Farms
Jolting Kate21 H P Badlands Hanover Jolting Kate 5/4/2021 Let It Ride Stables
Lucy's Pearl21 M P Sweet Lou Lucy's Pearl 5/4/2021 Mickey & Sylvia Burke
Easy Go Go21 H P Stay Hungry Easy Go Go 5/4/2021 Hanover Shoe Farms
Hall Of A Dream21 H T Walner Hall Of A Dream 5/3/2021 Hanover Shoe Farms
Nightflix Hanover21 M T Six Pack Nightflix Hanover 5/3/2021 Hanover Shoe Farms
Graceful Style21 M T Greenshoe Graceful Style 5/3/2021 Hanover Shoe Farms, Alagna Racing
Mrs Ronerail21 H T Bar Hopping Mrs Ronerail 5/3/2021 Hanover Shoe Farms
Shacked Up21 H P Stay Hungry Shacked Up 5/3/2021 Hanover Shoe Farms
Up Front Laura21 M T Cantab Hall Up Front Laura 5/3/2021 Hanover Shoe Farms
Social Scene21 H P Captaintreacherous Social Scene 5/2/2021 Hanover Shoe Farms
My First Lady21 M T Greenshoe My First Lady 5/2/2021 Hanover Shoe Farms
Gallie Bythe Beach21 H P Betting Line Gallie Bythe Beach 5/2/2021 Hanover Shoe Farms
Asada Hanover21 M P Betting Line Asada Hanover 5/2/2021 Hanover Shoe Farms
Edra Hanover21 H P Captaintreacherous Edra Hanover 5/2/2021 Hanover Shoe Farms
Upside Surprise21 H P Bettor's Delight Upside Surprise 5/1/2021 Hanover Shoe Farms
Dimming Of The Day21 M P Captain Crunch Dimming Of The Day 5/1/2021 Hanover Shoe Farms
Winbak Maya21 M T Greenshoe Winbak Maya 5/1/2021 Hanover Shoe Farms
Baby Chey21 H T Bar Hopping Baby Chey 5/1/2021 Cheyenne Racing Stable

2021 Name That Foal

*Note name that foal is only for Hanover Shoe Farms owned foals. All our foals are listed on the foal page

Hannelore Hanover's First Foal

World Champion and 2017 Dan Patch Horse of the Year Hannelore Hanover 1:49.2 ($3,069,857) delivered her first foal, a colt from the first crop of 2019 Dan Patch Trotter of the Year Greenshoe, at midnight May 6,2021. Hannelore and son are healthy and doing extremely well.
Hannelore Hanover was owned throughout her illustrious racing career by the partnership of Burke Racing Stable, Frank Baldachino, Weaver Bruscemi and J & T Silva Stables. She was trained by Ron Burke and driven by Yannick Gingras. She was purchased privately at the conclusion of her racing career by her breeder Hanover Shoe Farms.
“The colt is just perfect”, says Hanover Executive Vice President Dr. Bridgette Jablonsky. “He is healthy, is very handsome with good conformation and is a perfect size. He was standing within an hour and nursing within an hour and a half. Hannelore is an excellent mother. We are all relieved that Hannelore delivered her first foal with no issues and could not be happier with her baby”.
Hannelore Hanover will be bred back to Greenshoe in 2021.

Party Girl Hill to Tall Dark Stranger

Hanover Shoe Farms is pleased to welcome recently retired World Champion and 2020 Dan Patch 3-Year-Old Pacing Filly of the Year Party Girl Hill p, 3, 1:47.2 ($880,345) to the first year book of 2020 Dan Patch Horse of the Year Tall Dark Stranger p, 3, 1:47.1 ($2,020,195). The phenomenal Party Girl Hill joins these other great race mares (along with countless top producing broodmares) who are being bred to Tall Dark Stranger in what is undoubtedly the best collection of mares ever assembled for a stallion’s initial book:
Agent Q p,3, 1:48.4 ($1,240,820)
American Jewel p, 3, 1:48.2 ($1,840,565)
Androvette p, 1:48 ( $3,544,930)
Bedroomconfessions p, 1:48.4 ($1,001,141)
Call Me Queen Be p, 3 ,1:49.1f ($1,378,135)
Economy Terror p, 3, 1:49f ($1,627,794)
Gallie ByTheBeach p, 3, 1:49 ($749,898)
Ginger And Fred p, 1:50.1f ($1,928,158)
Idyllic Beach p, 2, 1:50.3 ($1,155,574)
Kissin In The Sand p, 3, 1:47.4 ($1,741,094)
Krispy Apple p, 1:48.4f ($1,905,676)
My Little Dragon p, 1:48.1 ($2,318,623)
Put On A Show p, 1:47.3 ($2,362,878)
Reflect With Me p, 3, 1:48.2 ($762,268)
Remember When p, 1:50.3s ($917,523)
Sandbetweenurtoes p, 3 ,1:49.1 ($1,065,848)
Solar Sister p, 1:49.4f ($1,012,209)
Somwherovrarainbow p, 1:48f ($1,342,848)
Stonebridge Soul p, 1:49.3 ($700,189)
Tall Drink Hanover p, 3, 1:48 ($893,532)
Ticket To Rock p, 4, 1:50.3 ($1,114,893)
Treacherous Reign p, 3, 1:48.3s ($832,254)
Trillions Hanover p, 1:49.3 ($344,751)
Warrawee Ubeaut p, 2, 1:48.3 ($1,793,433)
Yagonnakissmeornot p, 1:49.3 ($1,458,850)
Youaremycandygirl p, 1:48.2 ($1,566,292)

Seeking Qualified Applicants

Seeking qualified applicants for several full-time positions on busy Standardbred breeding farm.
Experienced Stallioner - Responsibilities would include daily care of some of the industry’s leading stallions in addition to safely handling stallions for artificial collections. Must have previous stallion handling experience and excellent references.
Yearling Trainer Supervisor - Responsibilities would include handling and gentling weanling/yearlings five days a week; working on ground manners- haltering, leading, picking up hooves for inspection, getting them used to being groomed and broken to crossties; assisting yearling supervisor with turn out and trailering of yearlings; assisting blacksmith with trimming of yearlings in addition to handling foals for microchipping and blacksmith work; keeping notes on behavior of individuals and any abnormalities reported to farm manager. Position would include assisting yearling crew with weekend field inspections on a rotational basis and assisting with yearling sale prep. Previous work with yearlings and a solid background of horse handling experience required.
Full time position compensation package includes quarterly bonuses based on work performance evaluations; housing, life and health insurance after 90 days of employment; 401K benefits after a year of employment; vacation and sick pay.
E-mail Patti Murphy pmurphy@hanoverpa.com with resume and references.