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Cantab Hall

  • 2,1:56.1 3,1:54 ($1,442,303))
  • Self Possessed-Canland Hall by Garland Lobell
  • Bay, 2001 | 16 Hands
  • 2019 Stud Fee: $20,000.00
  • Book Full & Closed

Foals By Earnings - As of 7/10/2019


In 2018 Cantab Hall ranked 1st among Three Year Old Trotting Money Winning Sires with $4,971,203 earned.
His leading sophomore performer was Crystal Fashion (Window Willow) T, 3, 1:50.1m $1,247,609 ($1,086,317 in 2018- 17 starts-9-4-2) winner of $512,050 Canadian Trotting Classic in 1:52.1, $500,000 Beal Final in 1:51.4, $253,000 PA Sire Stakes Championship in 1:52.4, and $100,000 Hambletonian Elimination in 1:50.1.
Other sophomore performers included –
Met’s Hall T, 3, 1:51.2m $1,295,306 ($1,028,171 in 2018 – 15 starts 5-4-4) winner of $350,000 Zweig Memorial in 1:52.0, $256,000 Erskine in 1:53.2, $130,271 Simcoe in 1:52.0 and $121,000 Bluegrass Series in 1:51.2. 2nd in $1,000,000 Hambletonian Final and $500,000 Breeders Crown Final.
Hey Blondie (filly) T, 3, 1:51.1m $502,580 ($206,985 in 2018 – 15 starts-3-4-2) 2nd in PASS
In 2018 Cantab Hall sired 5 $100,000+ 2YO winners including $250,000 KYSS FINAL Winner Forecast T, 2, 1:53.1m $201,530 (11 starts-5-1-2); Osterc T, 2, 1:55.2F $226,401(7 starts-5-0-0) Winner of five PASS divisions. Magical Beliefs T, 2, 1:56.4F $168,989 (10 starts-4-4-0) 1st in two PASS divisions and 2nd in four PASS divisions. Co-Fastest 2yo Trotter of 2018 Cantab Fashion T, 2, 1:51.4m $110,600 (7 starts-5-0-0) winner of TSS leg and Bluegrass series. Lindy’s Crazy Hall T, 2, 1:56.1M $101,666 (9 starts-3-0-2) winner of TSS leg.

In the Barn with….. CANTAB HALL (by Jessica MacMurray, Hoofbeats January 2012 issue)
Ever wonder what goes on in the everyday lives of some of racing’s biggest winners? Hoof Beats stops by the barn to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of some of racing’s most successful horses. This month: stallion Cantab Hall.
Having sire 484 horses of racing age (with nearly 80 percent of them making it to the races), Cantab Hall, owned by Cantab Hall Syndicate, is the leading sire of trotters in North America. His progeny have earned more than $9 million in 2012. Even before the breeding shed, however, Cantab Hall was a success, with earnings of more than $1.4 million in just two years of racing.
Hanover Shoe Farms manager Dr. Bridgette Jablonsky said that Cantab Hall lives in his paddock, equipped with run-in shed, unless he is being collected or there is inclement weather. He is fed a custom, complete pellet food, made for Hanover Shoe Farms by Purina.
“He’s basically good, but he doesn’t like vaccinations or getting twitched,” said Jablonsky.
Jablonsky also said that Cantab Hall or just Cantab as they call him, is a friendly horse, but can be difficult in the breeding shed because he would rather fight with mares than be collected.
He does, however, like toys, and if an actual toy, such as a rubber ball, is unavailable, he will make a toy out of just about anything, including sticks he finds in his paddock.
“He loves to pick things up in his mouth and carry them around,” Jablonsky said.
Cantab Hall also enjoys sunbathing in the corner of his paddock. He likes to play, grazes often, and has a relatively quiet life, aside from his duties in the breeding shed, where he gets collected four times a week.
“He’s a pretty mellow, relaxed horse,” said Jablonsky, “but he’s kind of a different horse depending on the situation.”
She says that he gets upset if he has to be in his stall, as he much happier being outside.
“People should have their guard up when they’re around him,” Jablonsky said