Mares And Yearlings of 2014 For Sale


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Mare In Foal To Price
Driven To Sin Yankee Cruiser (Due 4/8/14) $6,000
Life's Blessings Western Ideal (Due 3/20/14) $7,500
Onherhonor Hanover Yankee Cruiser (Due 5/29/14) $6,000
Pilgrim's Giggles Cam's Card Shark (Due 4/8/14) $5,000
Shades Of Art Foaled a Dragon Again Filly 2/19/14 $7,500
Sly Girl Hanover Cam's Card Shark (Due 3/8/14) $5,000
Bestaverde Yankee Cruiser (Due 3/12/14) SOLD
Brightest Moment Explosive Matter (Due 4/20/14) SOLD
Maureen Hanover Cam's Card Shark (Due 2/2/14) SOLD
Par Avion Hanover Explosive Matter (Due 5/19/14) SOLD
Weezy Hanover Western Ideal (Due 4/20/14) SOLD
Western Gesture Cam's Card Shark (Due 2/23/14) SOLD


Yearlings of 2014

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Sire Dam Sex Color Born Price      
Badlands Hanover Cindys Place Filly Bay 5-25-13 $6,000  
Dragon Again Classy Yankee Filly Bay 4-29-13 $6,000 CLASSYYANKEE CLASSY YANKEE CLASSY YANKEE
SJ's Caviar Mrs Claus Colt Bay 3-4-13 $4,000  
The Panderosa Yankee Affection Filly Brown 4-17-13 $5,000    
Western Ideal Life's Blessings Filly Bay 3-13-13 $7,000 LIFE'S BLESSINGS LIFE  
Yankee Cruiser Camford Hanover Filly Bay 4-20-13 $4,000  
Yankee Cruiser Clover Hanover Filly Bay 4-26-13 $5,000  
Yankee Cruiser J k Dolly Filly Bay 3-29-13 $4,000  
Yankee Cruiser Onherhonor Hanover Filly Bay 6-6-13 $6,000 ONHERHONNOR HANOVER ONHERHONNOR HANOVER  
Yankee Cruiser Razzle My Tazzle Filly Bay 5-31-13 $6,000 RAZZLEMYTAZZLE    
Badlands Hanover Secret Date Filly Bay 5-6-13 SOLD      
Badlands Hanover Harlow Hall Colt Chestnut 5-18-13 SOLD      
Dragon Again Skateboard Colt Brown 6-27-13 SOLD      
SJ'S Caviar Emma Hanover Colt Bay 3-10-13 SOLD      
SJ's Caviar Giantess Colt Bay 3-16-13 SOLD      
SJ's Caviar Puffed-Up Colt Bay 2-12-13 SOLD      
SJ's Caviar Superoo Colt Chestnut 4-25-13 SOLD      
The Panderosa Braggin Yankee Colt Chestnut 4-13-13 SOLD      
The Panderosa Eicarls Olvidar Filly Bay 5-22-13 SOLD
The Panderosa Supersonic Speed Filly Bay 3-24-13 SOLD      
Yankee Cruiser Bijou Hall Filly Bay 3-13-13 SOLD      
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